Waldo/Basic Info


Set Kitties
Number 077
Species Tabby Nerdicat
Rarity Rare
Waldo the Tabby Nerdicat is a rare Moshling in the Kitties set.


Dweebish, Tech-Savvy, Inventive


I thought I was geeky, but Tabby Nerdicats can tell you the squareroot of a banana faster than you can say "sci-fi convention". I even managed to persuade one to repair my camera after I dropped it in the bath - it makes the tea now, as well as taking photos! Nerdis spend most days (and nights) fiddling with circuit boards, arguing over comics and listening to Quantum Physics Hour on Fangdoodle FM. Trying to find one is harder than reverse algebra, but I've discovered they like toffee nachos. Never ask them to dance. They can't.


Any Dragon Fruit + Pink Love Berries + Red Star Blossom


Untangling pretzels and fixing soldering irons.


Good dancers and contact lenses.


These studious Moshlings spend most of their time in cubbyholes by the grassy knoll on Honeycomb Hill. Do not disturb!