Uncle Scallops

Uncle Scallops Front View Bigger

Set Sploshies
Number 117
Species Cranky Codfather
Rarity Rare
Uncle Scallops the Cranky Codfather is a rare moshling in the Sploshies set. He is in Series 7 Figures and is also one of the moodiest moshlings around.


Rumoured to have once ruled the legendary city of Splatlantis, Cranky Codfathers are now better known for prodding passers-by with their plastic tridents. Well you'd be cranky too if you spent all day helping moshlings across the road. Yep, that's right, these fishy fellas work as crossing guards on busy Haddock Highway.


Mission 4


Mushy peas and wooden sporks.


Ketchup and harpoons.


Cranky Codfathers can be found across the Seventy Seas but they sometimes pop into the Sea Mall to buy beard shampoo


  • He may be related to Cali.
  • He was thought to be the king of the Ocean.