Trembly Stadium is a stage arena where Moshi celebrities go to perform and sing. It is situated on Music Island in Jollywood. It is a parody of the Wembly Stadium.


The stadium is an open-roofed, circular, baby-green, monster-like structure with lighter green spots. There is red gateway which has two white teeth sticking out, meaning it could possibly be a mouth.. The stadium has two closed eyes on either side of the gate, the structure also has two feet-like, orange pads below the eyes. There are two antenae like poles with two yellow, circular lights sticking from the top of the stadium. Inside is a selection of stalls disguised as fish. There is also a punkish, fish-like stage. The walls are stripe coloured with different shades of green.

Moshi Fest

During the Moshi Fest in July 2013, Zack Binspin went to Trembly Stadium and performed his song, Head Over Heels. Most of the MopTop Mischief mission was set here. Inside

Sporties House

The Sporties Set house is an exact, miniture replica of the Trembly Stadium, it is unsure why; the Moshlings from the Sporties could possibly visit it to show off their skills, but this is just a thought.