Trapped in Gummy!
TIG Fez Owl
Song by Moshling Rescue
Released: June 17th, 2014
Genre(s): Pop
Length: 01:35
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Current: Trapped In Gummy!
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Trapped In Gummy is a song/music video based on Moshling Rescue. 



Life ain't funny when you're trapped in gummy!

Gombala Gombala walla walla hoohaa

Life ain't funny when you're trapped in gummy!

"One, two, three" said the big bad Hoodoo

Gonna throw a party but I gotta do my voodoo

Something pretty squishy going on round town

'Cos life ain't funny when you're trapped in gummy now!

Mumbo jumo

The Hoodoo drum show

Strange eruption go boom chakalakalaka boom chakalaka

Hoo- Hoodoo. Walla wall hoohaa

You- you do. Swing like a monkey!

Hoo- Hoodoo.

You better watch out because...

Trapped in gummy blows!

It's gonna blow! It's gonna blow!

Look out, falling gummies!

That's the end of our show!

Hit it!

Thank you and goodnight!