The Secret Diary Of Zack Binspin is a daily journal of Zack Binspin's tour. 


Hi, Tweenyboppers! This week, I've decided to give my fans a sneaky peeky at my amazing celebrity lifestyle by opening up the pages of my super-secret personal diary! People think it must be totally roarsome being Monstro City's number one MopTop Tweenybop gooperstar. The fans! The fame! The Rox! And you know what?  They're totally right! Being me is monsterific! CHECK OUT MY LID!


I've been in the studio all day with my manager, Simon Growl, laying down my latest monsterific track, Head Over Heels. It's got 'HIT' written all over it. My bodyguard Bubba did it with a big glittery marker pen while nobody was looking. He was only trying to help, but I don't think Simon was impressed by his artwork. 


I take my very own jet everywhere. With its private smoothie bar and on-board hot tub, it's the only way to travel! On the other hand, it can be tough finding a parking space big enough for a jet on Brashcan Alley. I wonder if anyone makes planes with foldaway wings... hmmm.


An early start today! Up at 6am for my weekly visit to my hairdresser, Timmy Mullet. It takes seven hours of snipping, straightening and styling to keep my mop in tip-top condition. That reminds me... I'm down to my last barrel of gooey hair gel! I better send Bubba out for more before I start to look like IGGY!