The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt: Finale was an event during the Pirate Party during May/June 2013. It was much like the Scavenge-Arrr Hunt; each day a new part was released, some were members only. For the last part (members), you get a Moshling reward; Sweeney Blob.


Walkthrough: You'll arive on Main Street, talk to Cap'n, he says that his crew are dissapearing! You ask where can you find them, he says he saw McScruff stroll down Main Street; select "You can count on me!" Scroll to the far left of Main Street, talk to McScruff, he asks how did you find him, you say that Cap'n spotted him; he returns to Cap'n. Talk to Captain Codswallop, he asks you to look out for the rest of the crew. You'll be rewarded.

Reward: Ghoulie Galleon - Stand

Location: Main Street