The 15 Million Monster Party was held March 24th at the London Aquarium to celebrate the 15 MILLION monsters that have been adopted in Monstro City. 100 golden tickets were given to Moshi's BIGGEST fans! The Golden Ticket admited YOU, one friend AND one parent or guardian.


To enter, you had to:

1) Ask your parents if you can enter.

2) Show WHY you're MOSHI's BIGGEST FAN.

3) Take a photo of your "I'm Moshi's BIGGEST FAN" artwork, poster, Trading Cards, essay, anything you can dream up that will convince Mr. Moshi to pick YOU. Your project should shout "ME! Pick me! I am Moshi's BIGGEST FAN!" and snap a photo of your project at or near a London landmark. Here are some ideas:

  • Wear a Moshi Mask in front of a London double-decker bus,
  • Hold a drawing of a Moshi Monster at a tube station,
  • Hold a sign that says, "I LUURVE Roary Scrawl!" (or Miss Pinky or Mr Moshi or any Moshi body) in front of the London Eye. Heh.
  • You or your parent or friend will think of something. We know how creative you are.

4) SAVE your photo as your owner name, for instance, MissPinky's would be misspinky.jpg

5) Email your photo to



1) You don't have to have your face in the picture. That's up to you and your parent(s). But maybe you WANT your face in the pic. In fact, maybe you want to include your whole family in the pic. Or, maybe you'd rather just submit a pic of your hand next to your creative project, or your foot next to a Moshi item? Just be sure to have your parents' permission and ask them to help you with this project. Your parent is invited to come to the party too!

2) To be eligible to win a Golden Ticket, you must be able to bring a parent and provide your own transportation to London, England on the evening of the 24th of March.

3) You must follow all directions, so be sure to save your photo as YOUR OWNER NAME.