Swizzle/Basic Info

Swizzle 1

Set Hipsters
Number 150
Species Swaggering Swine
Rarity Rare
Swizzle the Swaggering Swine is a Moshling in the Hipsters set. He is featured in the Series 9 Figures.


Affected, preposterous, boastful.


Maybe it’s their terrible eyesight but Swaggering Swines simply can’t walk in a straight line. They usually swagger along the street in a preposterous fashion, before stopping to ‘tag’ walls with graffiti using their rubbery, ink-soaked snouts. And don’t be fooled by the blingy necklaces – they’re just great big pineapple rings!


Pineapple rings and loud snorting.


Flashy Foxes and lampposts.


Head to Ker-Ching Canyon and you’re sure to see a few of these trotter-tapping characters snorting along to the latest tunes.