Stacey Grace
Stacey Grace
Vital statistics
Title Stacey Grace
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Residence Unknown
First appearance The Port
Latest appearance The Scavenge-Arrr Hunt (Cameo at The Port)
Stacey Grace is a purple, furry monster; she goes to a school called Miss Jingle's School for Girls. She hasn't been featured in anything; maybe she will be featured in sets of figures or missions in the future.


Sweet little schoolgirl Stacey goes to the goopendously renowned Miss Jingle's School for Girls. This clumsy, little lass struggles to tie her shoelaces and often stumbles and falls over as a result! Luckily, her mum is very understanding, and lets her go to school in her bare feet instead.

Waiting game

Stacey Grace can often be found sitting on the bridge at The Port, waiting patiently for her friends at school. Sometimes she is waiting a long time...

Girl Greetings

Cute as a monstrously purple button, girly Stacey Grace enjoys waving and smiling her two-toothed grin at any Moshi who passes by. She also spends a lot of time hiding her feet so that no one can stamp on her little, shoeless plum-coloured toes as they walk by!


I-Spy and playing on the bridge

Often Spotted

Stepping in yucky things with her bare feet.