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Set Mythies
Number 016
Species Scrappy Chappy
Rarity Ultra Rare
Shambles the Scrappy Chappy is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Mythies set, who is a chupacabra. He flips when you click him.


Happy-Go-Lucky, Jumbly, Plucky


What a complete shambles! That's what most monsters say the first time they clap their eyes on a Scrappy Chappy, because these hapless furballs look as if they've been dragged through a hedge backwards (and forwards and sidewards and up and down). And that's not far from the truth, because they enjoy the extremely dangerous sport of hedge-diving. When they're not somersaulting into shrubbery, you'll find them sitting high up in trees nibbling their own ears, but don't worry, they grow back really quickly (and are absolutely delicious with a pucumber-based dip).


LockedJolly FlowersLocked


Crumbs and ear-nibbling.


Styling wax and neckties.


Wingledeed Woods but you'll need a ladder because Scrappy Chappies like to hang out on high branches.