Voyage Under Potion Ocean is the second mission in season one. Dr. Strangeglove is up to no good, and you have to rescue Fumble ! It is members-only, like all other missions.


You appear on Bleurgh Beach, Dr. Strangeglove suddenly kidnaps Fumble , your Monster mentions you must follow him! Pick up the wrench on the ground, scroll a little right and then pick up the oar and blue shell. Now drop the oar and the boat then click it, you will arrive at Buck's boat. Talk to Captain, he will help you if you clean his boat, you an do either first, say "Yes, of course!". To swab the poop deck, hold in your mouse and rub, to remove the barnacles, wait for the boxing glove to aim in the right angle then click! After completing both tasks you will be given a shovel, go back to the beach and dig up the sand castles until you find a compass. Then return to Buck , hand him his compass. Click the globe and go to Tiny Tiki Tropic , travel by dragging the ship. Talk to Herman Crab (the crab with a cauldron shell) and hand him the blue shell you picked up earlier. You have now recieved the cauldron, it will come in use later! Click the boat and travel to Mini Mount Char Char, use the cauldron on the volcano to pick up some lava. Now return to the map and go to Pico Pop Glacier, drag the bucket of lava on the ice block, the ice will melt,  grab the steering wheel and head back to Bleurgh Beach. Go to the submarine and put the propeller (wheel) on it, now place on the wrench to tighten it, click the submarine to get in. Play the mini-game to continue, dodge the Glumps and shoot them with your sonar! You will soon approach an old sunken ship and ind the Glump-a-tron 3000, drop the spanner and spin the speed dial twice, Wurley will burst out of the machine! Return to Elder Furi and tell him about your adventures; until next time...