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Set Sporties
Number 062
Species Plucky Puncharoo
Rarity Rare

Rooby The Plucky Puncharoo is a released moshling. He is rare. He is in the Sporties and his "Sport" is boxing. 


Bouncy, Protective, Plucky




Say G'day and duck out of the way because Plucky Puncharoos are the paw-swinging Moshlings that will do anything to protect the titchy purple critters that live in their pouches. And that's strange because the purple critters are actually soft toys stuffed with jelly-beans. Capable of flummoxing almost any Monster with their lighting fast fists and fancy footwork, Puncharoos love a scrap. I once challenged one to a bount of fistcuffs but it refused - something about not wanting to wallop a creaky old-timer. Cheek!


Any Star Blossom + Blue Magic Beans + Blue Magic Beans


Barbecues and boomerangs.


Smelling salts and daytime soap opras.


From the fabled land Downunder, where didgeridoos blow and skies thunder.


  • Rooby is the first Moshling to have a known toy. 
  • The creature in its pouch is a toy filled with jelly beans.
  • Rooby was the first Series 4 Moshling  to be told about on the Daily Growl.
  • He was mentioned on Australia Day 2012.
  • His seed combination was realesed in a Moshi Magazine.
  • Patty908 was the first to get him.
  • There is 2 glitches with Rooby. One, if you click on him, hw will do his animation, but they will freeze until you hover your mouse over him. Second, if you click on him and "Scroll" you will hear their animation but he will walk around.