Rickety Boo
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Gender Male
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Rickety Boo is a roarker. He was featured in the Series 5 Figures; his name on the bag and card didn't say his real name, it said Roarker.


Roarker Rickety Boo is a bit of a busy-body. He wields his road sign at any Moshi who passes, demanding them to stop in their monster tracks. There's a rumour flying around Monstro City that Rickety Boo was actually fired some time ago for being so bossy, but he just can't find a better way to spend his days, so he continues to work!

Hold up!

Boo! With just a raise of his paw, Rickety Boo has the power (and the huge red stop sign) to jump out and cause gridlock chaos on the streets of Monstro City.

Munching on the move

Rickety Boo stores half-eaten sandwhiches under his hard hat so he can chomp on them when he tires of holding up the same old sign, stacking cones and other boring but roadworthy tasks. Rickety Boo's absolute favourite sandwhich is smelly jelly and crab. What a clawsome flavour combination!


Everything's Rickety Boo!


Getting in the way and eating mouldy bread off his head

Often spotted

Bringing the City to a standstill.