Raarghly is a red alien that flies in a green hovercraft. He six arms and has antenae-like dark-blue eyes that lean forward. He has two teeth at each side of his mouth which is pink. He owns the Games Starcade and Main Street, he sells game arcade machines in his store.

He is always holding the joystick which is located on the front of his U.F.O. He is also featured in series 6 moshling figures. In the early ages of Moshi Monsters, Raarghly gave you a tutorial when you first started and he emailed you for customer help.


Beaming down from a mysterious world somewhere deep in outer Moshi space, computer expert Raarghly has quickly become Monstro City's high-scoring gaming geek. With the ability - and the hands - to play six games all at once, this two-toothed monster is Monstro City's ultimate unbeatable video-game champion!


Games Starcade on Sludge Street.