Prof. Purplex


Set Birdies
Number 074
Species Owl of Wiseness
Rarity Rare
Prof. Purplex the Owl of Wiseness is a rare Moshling in the Birdies set, who is a purple owl.


Bookish, well-read, and well-fed.


Banned by every library and bookstore in the land, Owls of Wiseness are brainier than big brain pies with extra brain sprinkles. Able to digest an entire encyclopedia in ten seconds, these birdy boffins have a real appetite for knowledge - literally, because they will scoff any book they see. That's why I always use my great uncle's old notebook as a trap - it's mighty intresting and covered in icky-sticky owl-grippy gloop. Now who's the brainy one?


Prof. Purplex Combo


Books, newspapers and plinky toy pianos.


Stupidity and bowler hats


Owls of Wiseness can be found high in the trees of Wobbly Woods. They don't like being disturbed and only leave the branches if they run out of reading/nibbling material.


  • He is one of the cleverest Moshlings (he may be the cleverest) as said on his Top Trumps card.