Preppy Poppet
Vital statistics
Title Preppy Poppet
Gender Female
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First appearance TheDGLogo
Latest appearance TheDGLogo
Preppy Poppet is a Poppet which is mostly featured in the Daily Growl in puzzles and code announcements. 


Preppy Poppet is cerise-pink Poppet with deep-sky-blue eyes. She equips a yellow pencil, with a bubblegum-pink eraser. Preppy Poppet wears a sea-green bow with a darker center, which also has white polka chats, she also wears a sea-green vest, over a pearl-white tee, covering that is a bubblegum-pink ribbon. On her waist, she wears a short, knee-length, saphire-blue skirt. Poppet also wears high, teeth-white socks, covered by marroon-brown shoes.