Poppet 10
Vital statistics
Title Poppeteer
Gender Female
Species Poppet
Residence Pawberry Fields
First appearance Pawberry Fields
Latest appearance Add info
Poppet is a Poppeteer who lives in her house in Pawberry Fields.

Poppet is a major character and the main Poppet in the Moshi Monsters World. She features in most Moshi Monsters media such as the Moshi Monsters Movie.

She has a whole brand based singular on her which aims products for girls.

Poppet owns a house in Pawberry Fields surrounded by fields and open areas of grass however in the movie she lives directly next to Katsuma closer to the town of Monstro City. Her most recent recorded residental is the house located in Pawberry Fields.

The Poppeteers

Poppet is the leader and main character in The Poppeteers, her best friend out of the other four is Zaffi however she is very good friends with all of them.