Pirate Takeover
Moshi Hunt
Name Pirate Takeover
Start Date May 9th, 2013
End Date June 20th, 2013
 The Pirate Takeover was an event/party on the online game, Moshi Monsters. Lots of new things were added just for this party. We got new shops, new items, new Moshlings, everything!


Main Street

  • New Characters and Items were displayed
  • Many Ghost Pirates were found roaming the streets.
  • The Gross-ery Store had changed, into the "Gross-aarry Shoppe"
  • Many characters had changed, including Lila, Pete, Egon, Ken, and Bjorn who had new appearances. 

Ooh La Lane

  • Ghost Pirates were also here roaming around.
  • The cat, Purrfection had been changed, she wore a paper hat.

Sludge Street

  • Max Volume and Billy Bob Baitman both got different designs for the event.


Week 1

  • Friday - The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean (Part 1)
  • Monday - Pirate Dressup
  • Tuesday - The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean (Part 2)
  • Wednesday - Build a Gooey Galleon
  • Thursday - The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean (Part 3)

Week 2

  • Monday/ Friday - Jaunty Jack's Shouty Shack
  • Tuesday - Pirate Dressup
  • Wednesday - Scanveng-ARR! Hunt
  • Thursday - Captain Buck returned
  • Friday - Food and Items on sale