Pawberry Crib is a place in Pawberry Fields where The Poppeteers live. Baby Moshlings also live here. The crib has 6 rooms known, being all of the Poppeteers rooms, with a Disco Room.  Each room is designed to fit each Poppeteers personality. 

Room Descriptions


Poppet's room is just the right size for a monster and her favorite pet Moshling, Mr Snoodle! With its toasty kitchen, its the perfect place for Poppet and her friends to enjoy some Mr. Tea and a slice of Roarberry Cheesecake. 


Juno's place is boho bliss! Her star bell twinkles whenever she has visitors; who are usually curious Moshlings hoping that her mind-bending mystic mojo can spot a clue in their future!


Just like Serena, every inch of her cottage glitters and gleams! Serena and her Oochie Poochie, Fifi, just love to look fabulous so her walk in wardrobe is full of sewing machines, glitter glues, and anything else she'll need to transform any outfit!


Self-confessed geek Zaffi, designed, built and danger-proofed her home herself! Needless to say, it stacked from floor to ceiling with hi-tec gadgetry and digi-designs!


Speed freak Lucki's house is as whizzbanged as she is, packed with travelators, escalators, see-ya-laters and detonaters. Her Moshling housemate is Cheeky Chimp Chop Chop and, between the two of them, there is never a second of sitting still.