MoshiPartyBus Open
The Moshi Monsters: Moshi Party Bus is a Moshi Monsters Product in the UK which is sold in most good retailers, the product sells for an average of £11, the price varies depending on the store. This is one of the two disco play-sets, the other being the Moshling Mall which has an Underground Disco section.

The Party Bus is a zip-up, figure play-set bag. Inside, on bottom is a multi-coloured dancefloor. On the side are blue netted carriers with purple lining for your figures, along with an Underground Disco background. On the outside there is the Moshi Party Bus logo and windows supported on a background of green hills and a blue sky, on the lower part of the bag, towards the end are wheels, one of which supports the Mind Candy logo.  The play-set comes with an exclusive figure; silver Busling.