Oddie/Basic Info


Set Foodies
Number 088
Species Sweet Ringy Thingy
Rarity Ultra Rare
Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy is an ultra-rare Moshling from the Foodies set.


Sweet, boisterous, and cautious.


With their doughy bodies and gloopy icing, Sweet Ringy Thingies look exceedingly delicious - and they are! That's why these squish hoops are always on the move. Everyone wants a piece, escpecially Moshling collectors who haven't eaten for days. It's a good thing Sweet Ringy Thingies can blast attackers with volleys of hundreds and thousands, otherwise they'd be extinct. I've still got a few pink bits stuck in my eyebrows following a recent attack. If you're wondering how a bunch of sticky doughnutters ever became living, breathing Moshlings, don't. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it myself.


Oddie Combo


Wors beginning with 'O' and hot oil.


Purple spouting broccoli and coffee (especially being dunked in it)


I believe Sweet Ringy Thingies are formed and fried in the boiling oil swamps near Greasy Geezer. Exactly who decorates them remains a mystery.