Mr. Snoodle

NewSnoodle 1

Set Ponies
Number 056
Species Silly Snuffler
Rarity Rare
 Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler is a rare Moshling from the Ponies set, who is a baby elephant.


  • Slumbersom
  • Dawdly
  • Musical


Silly Snufflers are the sleepiest, snuffliest Moshlings aroud - and their sleepiness is contagious. Whenever a monster walks past, it can help but yawn, stretch and fall asleep on the spot . . . Zzzzz. And that's how Silly Snufflers avoid being caught. By the time the monster wakes up, the Snuffler has slowly shuffled away. I've tried every trick in the book to catch one of these snoozy critters. I even snuck up on one after drinking a gallon of black coffee, but I still nodded off. even though my eyelids were propprd open with matchsticks. Foiled again!


Mr Snoodle Combo
Mr Snoodle Combo 2


Life in the slow lane and lullabies.


Gaint Goobledegoofs and modern jazz.


When they're not shuffling around, Silly Snufflers graze on the pumpernickel breadcrumbs of Franzipan Farm, playing ice cream van melodies with their snouts.


  • He is in series 1 figures. 
  • He is in the Ponies to show that you can be different in a group, as said by Mr. Moshi.
  • He is an elephant, but he is still in the Ponies.
  • He has his own song called "Mr Snoodle: Do the Doodle"




Mr Snoodle Egg Item