The Moshling Garden is where you plant seeds to attract moshlings, the moshling egg incubator also appears here when you have picked up an egg from Main Street. Cluekoo and Hum Plum hang out at the tree in the garden, Cluekoo gives you advice on how to collect moshlings and which moshlings have came but have left due to them not liking a certain plant or it's colour. There are also three signs on the tree, leading to the seed cart, super seeds and your zoo. There are three holes where you can plant seeds which can be bought from The Seed Cart and Super Seeds, the plants come in various colours and types. When a seed is planted, the shovel will left and pat the hole. There was once a scarecrow where the incubator now is that gave you a guide on how to get moshlings; it is now replaced by a blue button above Cluekoo. When a seed is planted there is not a 100% it will be that type, it may become a Rox plant which gives you rox when dug up. Beside the garden is the house which you can access. The garden can also be accessed from the house by clicked a small door next to the zoo door. In the background of the garden you can see a white picket fence, turnips, shrubs and hills in the far distance.