Moshi Music Gooberstars Moshlings
Name Moshi Music Gooberstars Moshlings
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The Moshi Music Gooberstars: Moshlings (MMGM) is an event based on Music Related Moshlings, such as Ziggy and Betty.

A new Moshling was releassed each week in the month of September in 2013.

The Moshlings were announced on the Moshi Monsters on a pop-up on September 5th 2013

It was stated that there would be a new Moshling every week, in September because of the Moshi Fest.

The Moshi Music Gooberstars: Moshlings consist of 3 new Moshlings; Betty, Ziggy, and Hissy


  • Betty
  • Ziggy
  • Hissy