Moshi Monsters Ultimate Sticker Collection


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The Moshi Monsters Ultimate Sticker Collection is a book with over 1000 resuable colour stickers. It was published on September 3rd 2012 by DK.


Step inside Monstro City and enter the colourful and exciting world of Moshi Monsters. You've played Moshi Monsters online, now create the amazing and colourful world of the Moshi Monsters and their Moshlings all over again with "Moshi Monsters Ultimate Sticker Collection". Over 1000 crazy, colourful, reusable stickers will let you play and learn fun new facts about all of your favourite Monstro City residents. From the monsters you love, like Katsuma, Luvli, Diavlo and Poppet, to places like Babs' Boutique and the amazing Moshlings - the fun stickers come with fascinating facts about their amazing world. Full of colour and full of fun - just like the game - "Moshi Monsters Ultimate Sticker Collection" is a must-have for any Moshi Monster fan.