Moshi Monsters Mash Up Code Breakers are the third series of Mash Up Cards. They include much more characters than the previous series and has 200+ cards. The rarest code is rainbow foil Zack Binspin, which is the hardest to get. There are also exclusive Shambles cards which give you a one-use code for Jolly Flowers, there is a 1 in a 7 chance of finding one. There are 4 types of cards; normal, heat reveal, hidden text and scratch and sniff.


The normal cards are just oridinary cards with no special differences.

Heat Reveal

The heat reveal cards have a special black spot in the corner, when pressed, a secret symbol is revealed.

Scratch N' Sniff

The scratch and sniff cards are quite different, when scratched, they release a smell. Each scratch and sniff card has a different smell, such as flowers, eggs or even perfume.

Hidden Text

The hidden text cards have a tiny sentence on the side of the card referring to their likes and dislikes. Some text is backwards and you will need a mirror to read it.