Katsuma Unleashed is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS, DS and is also playable on the 2DS. The game comes with an exclusive Moshling.

Dr. Strangeglove has kidnapped Elder Furi and plans to force him to reveal the power of Moshi Picchu! You'll need to rescue him and save the day!

It's not going to be easy though! On the way there is a whole army of Robot Moshlings to defeat, backed up by some of C.L.O.N.C.'s elite bosses too. Plus you'll need to rescue the other Moshi Monsters and hunt down all the lost Coin Pieces. Not to mention a whole bunch of Moshlings to collect! So what are you waiting for, let the fur fly!


Special Abilities

When you rescue a Monster from a Boss, they'll give you new abilities.

  • Zommer - Fire deadly eyeballs at enemies 
  • Furi - Smash through blocks
  • Poppet - Slow down time and the bad guys
  • Luvli - Shield from damage
  • Diavlo - Take to the skies

Robot Moshlings

Fur will fly with epic battles against Dr. Strangeglove’s evil robot Moshlings - an army of dastardly drones sent to stop Katsuma in his tracks. You'll need all your skills to dodge Robot Blurp's flying spines, whack Robot DJ Quack, leap over Robot Long Beard and thump as many Glumps as you can!