When you start playing Moshi, you are a non-member. Moshi Members can go places and buys things non-members can't. You must pay for membership and you can buy either the one month package ($5.95), the three month package ($21.95) the six month package ($34.95), the twelve months package/ one year package ($49.95), you can buy a membership gift card, when you purchase Moshi Monsters Merchandise online (golden ticket comes with purchase - 24 hours), or when you purchase the Moshling Theme Park DS game (seven day membership code)


  1. Members can go to exclusive places, like The Port or Gift Island.
  2. Members can send gifts.
  3. Members can shake rox trees.
  4. Members can play in the Underground Disco.
  5. Members can buy certain things.
  6. Members can go to Super Seeds and buy special moshling seeds.
  7. Members can play Super Moshi Missions.
  8. Members have a moshling zoo and can have more than two moshlings in their room.