Missy Kix is a singer that lives in Moshimo City. She has only sung one song which is named "The Missy Kix Dance". Not much is known about her yet due to the fact that she doesn't appear much. Her only song (The Missy Kix Dance) is also on the real-life album, Music Rox.


She wears a purple T-shirt with cat skull wearing an eye patch and underneath are two bones. She wears a black jacket with black and grey bottoms. She has blue eyes and her hair is pink with hints of orange and red. Her skin is light pink and her cheeks are a darker shade. She has one small sabertooth like a vampire. Her ears are similar to that of an elf. In her video she wears earrings of yellow gems but some artwork shows her in a different design. The image above shows her without an earring. Her collar is red (in her music video) but is different in the artwork. Her collar is purple (In the image above and Music Rox wallpaper.) She wears red, blue and black stockings and sleeves in the Music Rox wallpaper. She wears pink socks and her shoes are red and white and her laces are white. She wears sunglasses on top of her head. She wears a black boxing-like glove (baring her fingers). In the Music Rox wallpaper she is holding a red microphone.
Missy kix

The missy kix!!!