Level Trophies are virtual trophies that you achieve every time you go up a level. Each trophy has a different and unique style to the last. Keeping trophies in your room is a great way to show your friends what you have done and how much you have completed on Moshi Monsters.

Displaying your Trophies

Keeping all your trophies on tables is not always a good idea. As you collect more and more, you will have to buy more and more tables, which will eventually take away all the space you have in your room. A better way to do it would be to buy cabinets. Each cabinet can store a fair amount of trophies, but the more shelves it has and the wider it is, the better.

Green Cabinets and Bamboo Cabinets are good for storing 6-12 trophies at a time because of the many shelves, but things like the Shark Cabinet, which only have two shelves, are not ideal. If you'd like to get creative, place your trophies on puzzle shelves from the DIY Shop. The higher your level, the more of these you'll unlock!

500px-All trophies