Leo/Basic Info


Set Snowies
Number 98
Species Abominable Snowling
Rarity Ultra Rare
Leo the Abominable Snowling is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Snowies set.


Perky, Misunderstood, Lonely


I've no idea why these snow-munching Moshlings are abominable. I've always found them to be extremely friendly. But I enjoy snowy games as much as they do. You see, Abominable Snowlings adore playing in the white stuff. When they're not making ice sculptures or huge snowmen they're chucking snowballs, playing snow angels and decorating their igloos with chocolate sprinkles. That's because they live on a diet of snow, ice, and slush, so everything they make gets eaten before it melts. Next time you see Elder Furi, ask him for some tips, as he has several Snowling neighbours at his mountain retreat.


Frozen Forget-Me-Not Locked Locked


Chomping snowflakes and snowboarding.


Yellow snow and grit.


On Mount Sillimanjaro often near Elder Furi's hut. Abominable Snowlings have also been spotted on the snowy peeks of Music Island.