Lady GooGoo the Glitzy BooBoo was a former Moshling in Moshi Monsters. Due to her song, the Moshi Dance, Lady GaGa sued Mind Candy. Lady GooGoo has been replaced with Baby Rox and the mission 'Pop Goes the GooGoo' is replaced with 'Pop Goes the BooBoo'.

Lady GooGoo's song has been taken off iTunes and Moshi Monsters's Youtube channel although you can still watch it because other people have uploaded it to their channels. 


Snazzy, Poppy, Spoiled.


Say coochie coo to Lady GooGoo, the wah-wah-ing gooperstar who's set to take the Moshi World by storm! When she's not being pampered by her manger Simon Growl or dunking her rusks in milky wilk, this blinged up baby is rocking the cradle with her techno lullabies and bustin' out cute moves.




Mashed carrots and her diamond encrusted dummy.


Noisy grown ups and broken rattles.


These days, you need to listen out for her boo-hoo-ing in the hills overlooking Electro Lullaby Lake although, she was born in Nappy Valley.


  • In December 2010, Lady GooGoo was realesed as a Moshling.
  • In June 2011, Lady GooGoo had a cold, but she recovered, she went skinny.
  • Lady GooGoo is normally a favorite moshling of a girl monster.
  • In 'Pop Goes the GooGoo', Sprocket and Hubbs stole her voice, when they were working for CLONC.
  • She has been deleted from the game and replaced by Baby Rox, now most Moshi fans hate Lady GaGa.