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Set Noisies
Number 014
Species Unhinged Jackhammer
Rarity Ultra Rare
Judder the Unhinged Jackhammer is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Noisies set


Irritating, juddery, and over-excited.


H-h-hold on a s-s-sec. I'm sh-shuddering because I've just b-b-been chatting to an Unhinged Jackhammer. These manic Moshlings just love boinging up and down, even when there isn't a road to ruin. Used by Roarkers to smash up the streets of Monstro City and beyond, Unhinged Jackhammers should be handled with care, because once they start juddering, they ignore everything else around them. I once made a mistake of disturbing a sleeping Jackhammer and ended up hanging onto its ears for dear life as it pogoed along main street.



Car horns and traffic jams.


Burst water pipes and traffic cones.


Originally from McQuiver Quarry, Unhinged Jackhammers can be found wherever there are roadworks to be done.


  • Judder can be seen in a purple variant when he got the flu after the ice melted along with Tomba.
  • He is the first Moshling to be rewarded early in a Super Moshi Mission (Moshlings from Super Moshi Missions are obtained toward the end of the mission).
  • He is in two missions: Missing On A Star and Choc-O-Dile Blues.