Jaunty Jack

Jaunty Jack is a Ghost Pirate featured in Super Moshi Mission Season 3: The Secret of The Potion Ocean. He is a pink ghost with freckles, a purple eye patch and blue lips.

His original paper hat has floated out to see and you must get it back by reeling it in with a fishing rod. After retriving the oringinal hat, you discover the replacement Jaunty Jack made is actually the second piece to a treasure map.


Shiver me timbers! Jaunty Jack, seasoned shipmate of the Gooey Galleon, is always willing to lend a spooky hand to any landlubbers in needd of his seafaring experince. They should probably bring a peg for their noses though, as he's rather pongy on account of pickled eggs that he keeps under his hat.

Jaunty Jack to the Rescue!

Despite having a bounty placed on his head from a misdemeanour long ago, Jaunty Jack is an agreeable pirate. He enjoys helping the Super Moshis on their undersea diving missions.

Jaunty Jack's Hat

Jaunty Jack is not like most pirates. This salty seadog would rather keep his soggy paper hat than replace it with a proper pirate one. He's incredibly attached to it, mainly because he's named after the jaunty angle at which he wears it. And besides, it looks rather like a boat, and what's more piratey than that?


Ghost Pirate


Crew member of the Gooey Galleon

Pirate Pals

Captain Codswallop, Handy Van Hookz, McScruff, Mr. Mushy Peas


Fish fingers.