Gurgle/Basic Info

Gurgle 1

Set Dinos
Number 083
Species Performing Flappasaurus
Rarity Ultra Rare
Gurgle the Preforming Flappasaurus is an Ultra Rare Moshling in the Dinos set.


Prestidigitatory, fame-hungry,and showy-offy.


Roll up, roll up! Performing Flappasaruses are the entertaining little Moshlings that always have a trick up their wings. The tricks usually go wrong, but it's best to applaud because these jolly little dinos are very sensitive. If a magic routine goes really badly, they've been known to burst into tears and toast their props with a burst of fiery breath. But hey, that's showbiz! Examining flappasauruses is pretty easy because they're massive show-offs. They'll even pose for photos and give interviews if you tell them you work for The Daily Growl. TA-DAA!


Gurgle Combo


Pulling rabbits out of hats and toasted marshmallows.


Bad audiences and soggy matches.


Unlike most Moshlings, Performing Flappasauruses enjoy living in the full glare of the Cadabra flash, a gleaming light formation near the Crazy Canyons.