Greta Frau Now BrownKau
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 is a C.L.O.N.C member, she is featured in Season 2 Mission 2: Sandy Drain Sheningans and makes a cameo in Season 2 Mission 10: Cosmic Countdown. She wears red lipstick and a purple coat with a yellow scarf tied around her neck. Frau has two horns and also wears two white, dangling earings.


Wanted in connection with gloop theft and Sandy Drain Hotel sabotage, Frau Now BrownKau is the menacing moo with all friends in the wrong places. Little is known about this former commandant of the Scary Dairy but rumor has it her "udderly" fearsome false teeth are a result of grazing on too many grassy gobstoppers back home in StrudelHofen back when she was a calf.


Grass Goolash and her vintage MooCow 4000 Milk Float.


Cattle grids and red rags.