The Googenheim Art Gallery is an art gallery on Ooh La Lane. It's a swavy building made out of glass with a purple sign and holds artwork drawn and designed by monster owners around Monstro City. Inside, there are three sections, the Gallery, the Art Challenge and the Hall of Fame.*The gallery is full of art work that doesn't fit in with the art challenge and that hasn't been show on the Daily Growl.

  • The Hall of Fame is a hall of artwork that has been featured on the Daily Growl.
  • The art challenge is where the Curator says a theme, for example 'Draw your favourite Moshling!', the art work in the gallery would be drawings of favourite Moshlings.


  • Secret codes where hidden in the gallery in 2012, an example of an item given out is the Rainbow Chair.
  • Submitting art is the only way to obtain the Googenhiem Power Pallet.
  • In April and May 2013, the Googenhiem went missing. It turned out that it was used as a shell for a giant crab. This happened in Season 3: Mission 3: The Googenheist.
  • There is a Pick Your Path book based upon the Googenheim; it is called the Great Googenhiest, like the mission.