Glumps are the evil counterparts of Moshlings and minions of C.L.O.N.C.

Glumping Process

Every Glump started as a Moshling but was stolen by a member of C.L.O.N.C. and put into the Glump-o-Tron where they are squished, squeezed and drained to become Glumps.

It is possible to revert the Glumping Process to turn Glumps back into Moshlings by configuring with the switches. 

Moshling Rescue

Glumps are blockers in Moshling Rescue.


With each turn, Glumps will move one space closer to the Moshling! Destroy the Glump by making a match with it and gummies of the same colour. If a Glump reaches the Moshling before you can rescue it, it’s game over!

Moshi Karts

Glumps feature in many obstacles in Moshi Karts.

"Don't Call Me Freakface"

Changing Faces created a campainge called "Don't call me Freakface" to stop Mind Candy using the Glumps current names, appearances, descriptions and to stop using scars, spots and missing eyes to emphasize the evil nature of their bad characters. Specifically Changing Faces has asked Mind Candy to...

  • Change the names of the Glump characters called Freakface , Fishlips and Bruiser
  • Remove all descriptions of the Glumps which place value judgments on their disfigurements in order to emphasize just how evil and scary they are, such as, ‘Bruiser’s scarred skin makes for a scary sight.”

Mind Candy also stated that Freakface will not be used in the upcoming storyline. In addittion, the Moshi Monsters Movie had a different set of Glumps, without scars nor bruisers, banadges or injuries.