Geeky Poppet
Geeky Poppet 1
Vital statistics
Title Geeky Poppet
Gender Female
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First appearance TUS
Latest appearance TUS
The Geeky Poppet is a female Poppet that appeared in Season 3 Mission 1: The Unusual Suspects . She studies constellations of Moshlings at the Observetory. She asks you to check the constellations while she examines the hair.  


The Geeky Poppet is a Poppet with the their default colour; pink. She equips her look with big, brown, nerdy glasses; which are taped in the middle. She wears a red, black-striped shirt with shoulder height sleeves which match well with her also red, black-striped bow which stands on a black headband. She wears night-black susspenders (braces) with bright-yellow buckles which support her turqoise-blue, jean shorts. On the foot, she wears high, white socks; covered by her brown shoes. She also equips a white, pearl bracelet on her right wrist.