Flutterby Field is Colonel Catcher's game, which members and nonmembers can play. To access the game, you must go on Mainstreet and click the picture of Colonel Catcher. Once you click him, you will get a picture of Colonel trying to catch a rainbow colored butterfly, which in the game is worth 200 points. On Colonel's left is a sign that says Flutterby Field at the top. Under that is the play button. You click the play button and catchy music will start playing. You are Colonel Catcher and the object of the game is to catch butterflies. Watch out for those pesky bugs!

How to Play

Uh oh, bugs have invaded the Flutterby Field. Help Colonel Catcher save the flutterbies and return them to the wild. But remember, watch out for bugs!

Use your mouse to aim Colonel Catcher's net. Click the left mouse button to swing your net. 


  • Red flutterbies: 10 points
  • Yellow flutterbies: 15 points
  • Green flutterbies: 20 points
  • Blue flutterbies: 25 points
  • Magenta flutterbies: 40 points
  • White flutterbies: 80 points
  • Rainbow flutterbies: 200 points