Lavender Troggs - most commonly known as Dr. Strangeglove - is a genius mastermind, he works with C.L.O.N.C. and is the co-leader, The Ugly being the first leader. He has a curly mustache, his head is hat with eyes peeking out from the top, however, this may be a deguise. He once wanted to be a super moshi and fight crime, therefore he went Super Moshiversity where he met his partner, Younger Furi who is now named Elder Furi. He was the very first baby Moshi to climb Mount Sillimanjaro. When he was younger he was extremly good and was nicknamed Troggsy by his parents and fellow classmates, these days he turns Moshlings into Glumps , Lavenders minions, he also has a disliking in Moshlings and the Super Moshis , he is now the main villain of them. His very first words were Daddy, Mummy and mosheenymonodoyouthinkhesawusthingymijggysoscious (the longest word in the Sickitionary) and his first clothes were The Wizard of Snoz cloak and his pointy shoes. He has a dentist named Dr. Fang, who removed his first tooth.