The Diner is a location in Moshi Monsters: The Movie. It is where Katsuma and Poppet meet up with Roary, Zommer, Luvli, Diavlo and Furi; this is the first scene they appear in. 

The Diner is located next to Gabby's Cafe, and an unknown orange building. When the monsters are leaving the diner, the cafe is replaces with Bizare Bazaar. 



The Diner has white and blue checkered flooring. The walls are mustard-yellow with a line of blue and white checkers and a blue border and the bottom; the wall behind the tables and seats have blue windows, seperated with pillars. It has 4 sets of blue tables, each with two red seats; the table which Zommer, Luvli, Diavlo and Furi are using has one seat, which curves around the table. Above each seating area is a a ceiling light, attached to a dull-yellow ceiling which has a square pattern. In front of the blue counter are six singular seats, with spiral, gray stands. Behind the counter is an orange cabinet, located next to a shelf of glasses, which is next to a rectagular opening to the kitchen. At each side of the counter are televisions, the one on the left is small, orange and has antenae; The one on the right is fairly big, red and more modern.


The exterior shares the wall as the interior. The roof is a dull-gray/blue and has a big burger spinning around on it. At each side of the diner are two potted bushes.