Design a Moshling is an annual competition that started in 2012, however a very similar competition has been held in 2009. The competition gives users the option to create their own Moshling and sent it in via email, semi-finalists are chosen and judges/users vote for their favourite creation. Each year's voting system and finalists system has been different.


Create Your Own Moshling 2009

Winner: Liberty

Finalists: Chibbi, Sharpy , I.N.K.Y , Mr. Bruises, Cha Ching, Hippoheartamus, Choky, Draggabit, Fluffy, Flutters, Hornadoodle, Hot Diggety Dog, Kara, Josey, Melody, Mr Wacky, Nibbles, Oobla, Orbit, Patchy Pirate, Peep, Roxy, Sally, Trufflz