Vital statistics
Title Dedward
Gender Male
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First appearance Kate's Deck n' Sails
Latest appearance Daily Growl
Dedward is a ghost pirate that was featured in the May/June 2013 Pirate Party. He owns Kate's Deck N' Sails


Dedward is a custard colored female Ghost Pirate. He has a scar at the bottom right of her face. He strongly resembles the other Ghost Pirates, such as Mr. Mushy Peas. He wears a pink bandana that. He has two goofy teeth that are opposite. His eyes are a dark green with a lighter green outline and he has peach-coloured lips.


  • Dedward's name is a parody of Edward.
  • He was rumoured to be female because of the shop name of the shop he owns, and his name was rumoured to be Kate.