Daily Prize Quests

Daily Prize Quests (commonly known as just Quests) are various types of challenges, that reward you with Items, Food, XP and Rox, and even Moshlings! There is three different medals that you can earn by doing quests, and can be earned by doing lots of quests.

Quest Bubble

Monsters will be visible in the streets with a "!" above their head. This means that they have a quest for you! Lots of different Monsters will ask you to do things. 


These are the characters that are able to give you Quests.


The Quests in general are very fun, and easy to complete. They can vary from collecting a certin amount of items in the allotted time, or simply playing a game of Space Glenn, Other Quests include:

  • Piecing together a map, and collecting an item to where it leads
  • Answering questions, such as "Where can I get some tasty Ice Scream?" answer: Ooh La Lane