The Do It Yourself Shop (abbreviated DIY Shop) is a local shop located in Sludge Street . It has various kinds of wallpapers (e.g. sky wallpaper), doors, windows and floors with numerous designs. The current owner is Dewy , a red monster who prefers uncleanliness. The DIY shop is known for its handy objects, stunning wallpaper, crazy type doors and elegant floor.



The DIY shop is located in Sludge Street next to the well known, classical Horrods. Its situated in a downhill, next to the rushing river and near the Moshi Fun Park .


  • Various different WINDOWS
  • Various different DOORS
  • BUILDING BLOCKS only sold at the DIY Shop
  • Various different WALLPAPERS and FLOORS
  • Other ITEMS that can be built by you
  • Furniture and Decorations