Cry Baby is a purple blob shaped of a tear/raindrop. He hasn't been feautured in anything at the moment.
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Waaaaaaaaah! This baby monster cries - a lot! He's actually a first grader, but don't be too hrash on Cry Baby when he's howling at monstrouly loud decibels. The little critter just wants some attention. After all, it is rather dark and scary in those damp Underground Tunnels where he lives.

Attention seeker

Cry Baby knows just how to pull on the heartstrings. One look at that sad, sweet face and monsters coo over him. For a young critter who spends a lot of time alone, Cry Baby believes there is no such thing as too many people to make a fauus of him!

Creepy cell

Cry Baby isn't actually locked in his barred cage. He chooses to stay there because it's safe and secure. He has been known to pop out for the occsional quick cuddle, though!


Underground Tunnel Howler


Cell in The Underground Tunnels.


To cry!


Attention, cuddles and lullabies.