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The Luckies is a set of moshlings that are based on lucky objects (except for O'Really, who is a characater that grants bad luck). In the set, there is Penny the Mini Money who is formerly Hermitty Ginger's moshling, Tingaling the Kitten of Good Fortune, O'Really the Unlucky Larrikin and Furnando The Mystic Moggie. They now have home that is a wishing well.


PennyCompleting Season 1: Mission 6

TingalingCompleting Season 2: Mission 5

O'ReallyAny Star Blossom, Blue Dragon Fruit and Yellow Dragon Fruit or complete Part 7 of Season 3: Mission 4: Somewhere Clover the Rainbow.

FurnandoPocus Pods and 2 plants.

Note: 2 plants means you have to buy 2 plants from either Super Seeds or Seed Cart.

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