Captain Buck E. Barnacle/Basic Info
Vital statistics
Title Captain Buck E. Barnacle
Gender Male
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First appearance Cloudy Cloth Clipper
Latest appearance The Port
 Captain Buck E. Barnacle Is a monster in Moshi Monsters. He owns his boat the Cloudy Cloth Clipper, and sells various items from the places he visits. 

He has an enormous family of which his cousin, Baz Barnacles, sells Buck's old treasures without Buck knowing.

As a pirate, he travels the world seeking treasure. He has a habit of leaving bottled notes with riddles. The riddles indicate in what places he's been.


  • Voyage Under Potion Ocean, he helps you save the Fishies from Dr. Strangeglove.
  • In Snow Way Out! and Spooktacular Spectacular, he can be seen on the top of Mt. Silimanjaro.
  • Moptop Mischief, he is dressed like Zack Binspin's teddy bear but trades it with the Super Moshis for a signed photo of Zack.


  • Pirate Paradise
  • The Gulf of New Gizmo
  • Cookhouse Quay
  • Breakfast Bayou
  • Funny Face Fjord
  • Pizza Paradise
  • Art Archipelago