Busling New

Set Wheelies
Number 004
Species Bustling Busling
Rarity Ultra Rare
Busling the Bustling Busling is an Ultra Rare bus Moshling in the Wheelies. He was released in the zoo on August 8th 2013, along with Toasty.


Harried, Stressed, Regimented.


The wheels on the bus go round and round? You bet they do because Bustling Buslings are the automated Moshlings who tootle around the world of Moshi, stopping every now and then to ... erm, well they can't pick up any passangers because they are a bit too titchy. Oh well, at least they enjoy themselves, dinging their dingers and trundling along in pairs. Stick out your arm and one might even pull over for a chat. But don't hold your breath - I've been waiting ages now and my arm's really beginning to ache!


Yellow star blossom, yellow magic beans, yellow dragon fruit


Diesel-filled doughnuts and clear roads.


Lost property and pushbikes


Relaxing on little bricks in Blakey Hollow. Wait around Main Street and two often show up at the same time.


  • He is the second vehicle Moshling, the first one being Wurley .
  • He was accidentally released in the Arties set, for about 1 hour.